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RJT Compuquest recognizes the value our employees bring to our company, so to look after our employees we offer a competitive and comprehensive benefits package which enables us to recruit and retain the most experienced and talented individuals. RJT Compuquest strives to treat each employee as a member of our corporate family, so we are proud to offer a benefits package that will take care of both the employee and their family.

Key Benefits

The health and well being of our employees and their dependents is important. RJT’s PPO plan takes care of our employees by offering excellent in-network coverage and extensive out-of-network coverage.  RJT also offers a HMO plan as a great alternative for essential medical coverage. Both of our medical plans also include vision benefits.

RJT offers a dental plan that comes in both a PPO and DMO plan to fit any employees’ dental health needs.

RJT offers disability insurance which is payable when an employee cannot work due to an illness or injury not caused by employment at RJT or when an employee is entitled to temporary workers’ compensation at a rate less than the daily disability benefit amount.

Workers’ Compensation
At no cost to the employee, RJT covers occupational injuries or illnesses through our workers’ compensation insurance policy.

401(k) Plan
RJT cares about our employees’ financial well being, so we offer a 401(k) plan to assist our employees when planning for their financial future.

Paid Time Off
RJT understands that everyone needs some personal time away from work. We provide all eligible employees with accrued paid time off (vacation, personal days) each year.  Paid time off is accrued based on length of employment.

Holiday Pay
At RJT we recognize that holidays are a time for family and friends to be together.  RJT designates national holidays as time off for our employees to enjoy time with family and friends.