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Customer Success Snapshots

RJT’s advantages comprise -

1. An pool of experienced, certified consultants

2. Extensive experience in customizing the business suite for unique Order to Cash cycles, Financials and BI requirements.

3. R12 upgrades, Ongoing Customer support, functional and technical (US/India), Software Consulting, Integration and Interfaces to other software and Training

4. Offshore/Remote/Onsite DBA support and services


Case Study : Creating an all capable POS system for a leading retail client

Project Description :
Designed and developed a custom bolt on application sitting on top of order management apps for retailing business. The application is capable of handling various aspects of the retail industry. The application can handle much of the retail industry needs with minimal user training.
Customized application could handle return/exchange with credit, credit slips, gift certificates, recurring shipment, catalogs, source codes, subscriptions, memberships, subscription and membership renewals, events and trade shows, various payment methods including credit card, cod, AR, check etc. Enabled customizations to handle multiple payments, interface with cash register, SKU reader and payment merchant integration.

Technology used :

The application’s front end was designed in .net and backend obviously Oracle database. All the calls to the database were made using Oracle public API’s(Wherever possible and required). The users could login to the system after selecting a particular roles and responsibilities. The customer representative (user) once logged in can query customers, place and edit orders. The status of the products delivery, tracking of orders,  returns and financial information can be pulled up on the same screens (different tabs).

Challenges :

•     Architecting complex renewal order requirements in a way so that not much page to page navigation is required.

•      Consulting the senior users and putting to gather a proof of concept which will please the users.

•      Multi-tasking, highly inevitable – losing focus

•      Frequent additions to the requirements to better the product capability.

Achievements in the project :

·        Achieved user expectations.

·        The customer representative used to take around 5 minutes to research on complex customer issues in the legacy system. Now they can address the customer concern within a minute. Now it’s less than a minute to update customer, book a continuity order, charge the credit card, use the existing on account credit, provide information on the previous orders, change info on the accounts, address other concerns  etc.


Case Study 2 : Tightly integrating customers business needs into Oracle E-Business Suite

·        Fedex integration from Order Entry form enabling ease of retrieving charges, modifying charges etc.
Integration of Order entry form with Smart Transaction Processor (Gift Certificate processing)
Customizing the GC payments into the order entry payment process.
Custom shipping solution.


Case Study : XML Report Publisher Conversion

Converting Existing 42 Oracle reports ( Purchase Order, Customer Invoice, Check Printing ,Shipment document which has barcode) into XML publisher reports and replace Evergreen with XML publisher to deliver the reports with Email/FAX to printer.

Achieved the following business benefits after conversion of these reports:
Automate Processes of Invoice/PO and sending it via fax/email to outside vendor/supplier
Efficient Processing ( much improved in terms of performance)
Storage of report on Local machine

Brief overview of new XML publisher Technology:

XML Publisher offers the most efficient, scalable reporting solution available for complex, distributed environments. It provides a central architecture for generating and delivering information to employees, customers, and suppliers-both securely and in the right format.

XML publisher is capable enough to create various kinds of reports and integrate with various delivery destinations (Email, Fax, and Printer).

XML Publisher’s bursting engine accepts a data stream and splits it based on multiple criteria, generates output based on a template, then delivers the individual documents through the delivery channel of choice.

Example implementations, Generation of range of invoices by single Report run.  Based on this single extract, it generates the separate output for each customer and delivered it to that particular customer via e-mail or Fax delivery channel.


•      All projects are of high priority

•      Frequent change in requirements

•      High dependency on external interfaces

•     Aggressive Time lines


How we performed in the Project (Positive and Negative)

Trained junior resources to adapt to the technology. We have 5 resources, allocated 8 reports to each one. Those reports are printed on pre-printed stationary reports. So we have taken extra care in layouts of each report.

For check printing, there were lots of iteration between banks (Wells Fargo, CA) and us for MICR code scanning and for Pick slip report, we were printing Barcode.


Achievements in the project :

·        Resolved all critical/urgent issues proactively by discussing business users directly and guiding them over phone

·        All monitoring activities were automated and tracking is being done through mail/alerts

·        Offshore and Onsite coordination is improved to reduce UAT defects almost to zero

·        Regular customer calls (daily, weekly and monthly) to resolve the issues and build customer confidence and clear visibility on project status.

·        Knowledge distribution among all team members on various technologies and business domain

·        Developed knowledge portal for the resolved issues

·        Best utilization of resources to take up new enhancement with the existing resource pool

·        No resource attrition

Lesson Learnt:

-        Resource rotation and knowledge sharing sessions

-        Knowledge base on the projects / Domain

-        Team motivation is one of the key for project success.

-        Capability to take-up any new technology and support applications.