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High Tech Manufacturing

SAP is the enterprise business solution of choice for High Tech OEMs. It is installed in over 1,100 High Tech OEM companies worldwide and is more widely used for mission critical apps than any other enterprise solution provider. RJT Compuquest offers the critical business insights and proven technical capabilities to seamlessly integrate and customize all the components of the solution to align with your strategic and tactical objectives.

Key Benefits of the solution include:

End-to-end supply chain visibility and control

  • Increased visibility and control for inventory and fulfillment (3PL connections & drop ships)
  • Optimization of demand and supply matching (in-house and outsourced)

Superior customer service

  • Clear visibility of service contracts and SLAs
  • Consistent and simple claims management process, allowing efficient revenue capture

Advanced sales and channel management

  • Optimized sales deployment for new markets
  • Collaborative leads & marketing funds management

Effective compliance and performance management

  • Compliance: unified SOX, Global Trade & Risk; RoHS, WEEE, REA, etc.
  • Global consolidation & flexible financial reporting
RJT Compuquest scoped and implemented the entire solution map at a global leader and manufacturer of advanced ceramic components and systems. From creating the initial blueprints and installations, to doing global rollouts and integrating its global facilities, RJT Compuquest is a strategic partner of choice for the organization.


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