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Medical Devices

SAP’s Business All-in-One solution for Medical Devices encapsulates the processes and knowledge gained from nearly 35 years of delivering industry-specific solutions. SAP is the ERP solution of choice for nearly every major large organization and most growing and mid-sized organizations in the Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals industries.

The main benefits of adopting SAP for Medical Device organizations are:

1. Collaborate across departments and business partners to accelerate time to market for new products.

2. Mitigate risk of non-compliance and reduce efforts for data collection and reporting

3. Gain instant visibility into processes and business critical information for better business decisions and reporting

4. Utilize assets more efficiently, reduce errors, and lower inventories while reducing product shortages

5. Enable scalable, validated business processes in a regulated environment with low TCO

RJT Compuquest brings extensive experience in implementing SAP solutions rapidly for Medical Device organizations. A part of the reason for our faster deployments and better strategic alignment lies in the deep insight and industry experience that our consultants bring.

We have multiple customers in the industry ranging from creators of minimally disruptive surgical procedures of the spine to multi-specialty health care businesses. Our clients have managed to reduce invalid chargebacks, reduce inventories, improve asset utilization, create innovative pricing and contract structures, reduce compliance costs and save on their IT expenditure.

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