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Mobility Solutions


Certified Mobility Solution Provider

RJT Compuquest is an SAP Mobility™ certified solution provider that delivers industry-focused solutions with the SAP suite of mobile applications.

These applications improve employee productivity, decision making, and profitability:

Workflow Mobile Application

Provides access to SAP Business Suite software and SAP Business All-in-One solutions, enabling users to respond to business processes, such as workflow items, approvals, alerts, time recording, and travel requests.

CRM Sales Mobile Application

Provides access to SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) software and the CRM functionality in SAP Business All-in-One solutions, empowering sales professionals to increase revenue, accelerate buying decisions, and maximize productivity on the go. Read the solution brief, “Give Your Sales Team the Tools to Maximize Productivity with a CRM Mobile App” (PDF, 380 KB), to learn more about the app.

Mobile Analytics Applications

Integrated with SAP BusinessObjects BI and SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI solutions, allows your workforce to view and interact with key business intelligence data, reports, and dashboards. Read the solution brief, “Putting Business Intelligence in the Palm of Your Hand” (PDF, 264 KB), to learn more about the app.

Success Story

RJT Compuquest deployed customized iPad apps at one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of luxury hybrid vehicles. These apps unwired their Salesforce by unlocking total access to the backend ERP systems over mobile platforms.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Connect  Remote Fisker Dealerships to SAP CRM
  • Limit Inventory at Individual Fisker Dealers
  • Allow sales associates to access customer pre-orders, continue sales cycle through to order using Apple, iPad


  • Develop a custom application for Fisker Sales team using Afaria.
  • Seamlessly integrate field sales to backend SAP CRM system.

Implementation Highlights

  • Intimate building process with Sybase team and RJT Mobility team.
  • Completed project on time and on budget.

Why SAP/ Sybase SUP

  • Cutting edge technology to connect iPad to SAP CRM system
  • SAP/ Sybase SUP integration with backend ERP.
  • A customized application for Fisker Dealership with real time, on demand integration.


  • Lower dealer inventory levels.
  • Cutting edge iPad application.
  • On demand, real time two way interaction.
  • Improved customer experience, touch screen configuration and video feed.