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Oracle DBA Support

Remote DBA Support

RJT Compuquest, Inc.’s Remote Applications Database support is designed to provide our customers with responsive and comprehensive around the clock Oracle Applications and Oracle Database administration support.

All companies need a cost-effective way of ensuring that their Oracle E-Business Suite remains stable. RJT COMPUQUEST’s Remote Oracle Applications & Database Administration service provides a company with all of the services needed to ensure a reliable and responsive system. RJT COMPUQUEST will do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time Applications Database administration support.

Most popular options we offer not limiting to the following are :

Silver – Remote Oracle Applications DBA support

A dial in number is provided to ask questions of one of the RJT COMPUQUEST DBA’s on an as required basis. A customer can further request any work that might needed; it is estimated with the DBA; upon approval, the work will be done on a time and materials basis.

Gold -  Remote Oracle Applications DBA Support

A DBA will be assigned to a company. The DBA will remotely monitor a company’s systems to ensure the stability, production readiness, and smooth operation of the Oracle Applications. The DBA will accomplish the following routine tasks on a monthly basis:
Basic Administration
Concurrent manager maintenance
Report and log file maintenance
Backup service monitoring
Database usage reports
Troubleshooting and problem resolution

o   Daily “health check” to make sure production runs smoothly

o   Weekly Performance monitoring to ensure that your system continues to run efficiently

o   Ensure adequate disk space for your critical information

o   Daily (remote) check of printers to make sure they are continuing to print

Platinum – Remote Oracle Applications DBA Support

In addition to all the tasks associated with our Gold Service, the DBA would also provide
User management and administration; adding new users, etc
Application and troubleshooting of Oracle patches
Making copies or clones of Applications for testing and development
Problem resolution and Service Request (Oracle problem) monitoring
Performance tuning and ensuring your Oracle Applications run as fast as possible

Talk to RJT Compuquest, Inc. about how our talented Oracle Applications DBA’s can help provide reliable delivery of a company’s Oracle E-Business Suite.