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Hosting Services

RJT’s managed hosting services provide the benefits of a secure, highly available, and scalable foundation – without the associated investment in IT infrastructure and strain on internal IT resources. Hosting fosters rapid application deployment and accelerates overall ROI.

Our hosting environment features state-of-the-art facilities and an infrastructure unique in the industry – providing each customer with isolated data and dedicated software configurations. The benefits? A high degree of security and system integrity.

Hosting Services You Can Trust

RJT’s managed hosting services ensure:

  • Security – Your critical systems are protected by data encryption, virus scanning, user authentication, and access rights – plus physical on-site security.
  • High availability – The managed data center contains sophisticated equipment and technical talent to provide 24/7 system monitoring, management, and trouble resolution.
  • Scalability – Our data center scales to your evolving business needs. As your use of the application continues to increase, RJT accommodates the added volume without affecting system performance.